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Ecocoat Fabric

Ecocoat Fabric is a REACH compliant 100% breathable, water based, zero VOC silica coating. Utilizing nanotechnology, it creates an invisible layer which covers each individual fiber of the textile or leather to repels undesirable liquid, dirt and UV-radiation. It can be applied on virtually any porous surfaces. The result is protection against unwanted liquids, dirt and stains without altering the flexibility, appearance or odor of the coated surface. Size: 500 ml, 5000 ml
What To Expect:
  • HIGH SOLIDS -  50% active material content
  • BREATHABLE - Coated surface is 100% breathable
  • SUPERB HYDROPHOBIC QUALITY - Water contact angle that surpasses 120° and retaining close to this angle for a long period
  • ANTI-FOULING - Surface stays clean for a longer period thanks to the anti-fouling effect
  • STAYS ORIGINAL - Surface retains its original texture, color and appearance
  • ZERO ODOR - Water based formulation allows for the coated surface to emit zero odor.
  • Paintwork Safe
  • PPF & Vinyl Safe
  • Surface: All textile & porous leather
Technical data
  • Consumption
  • Active Material %
  • Contact Angle
  • pH Tolerance
  • Thickness
    0 um
  • Durability
    12 mths / 20 wash cycle
  • Temperature Resistance
  • VOC